Tech Support Services

TechWarrior.Net specializes in providing Las Vegas and Henderson small and medium sized businesses  technical support. Let us worry about fixing your computer and network issues while you focus on running your business.  We have services based on per hour billing as well as a flat rate subscription.

Computer Networking 
From design and installation to troubleshooting and upgrade, we understand the importance of your your network to your organization. Based in Las Vegas/Henderson, we are local and attentive to your needs.

Remote Access 
You don't have to be in front of your computer to access your information.  With today's high speed Internet, we can setup your computer or network to be accessible from anywhere.

Network Security
From malware, hackers, computer viruses and security flaws, your network is at risk. We can perform a security audit and help you "lock down" your network.

Wireless Security
Networking without wires is convenient.  However, without the proper security setup and installed, it is dangerous and will put you, your customers and your entire business at risk

Wireless Coverage
Wireless networking is great - when it works like is should.  Drop outs, dead spaces and interference from other equipment are some of the issues facing your wireless network.  We have a variety of technologies that will make your network work properly.