HIPAA Compliant Cloud Storage

TechWarrior.Net, Inc. provides HIPAA compliant data storage for healthcare organizations, insurers, medical offices, health care practitioners and professionals.
HIPAA Compliant Data Hosting HIPAA Compliant Storage Las Vegas

Highlights of our HIPAA compliant data storage:
  • Signed Business Agreement-HIPAA Recommended (Download Here)
  • Compliant Storage via secure web interface, secure App, SFTP or FTPS
  • Dedicated Server for your organization- not a server shared with our other clients (virtual server) 
  • Robust Linux Server with data encryption
  • May also use an encrypted passkey - stored on your computer, so no need for a password and username. Access allowed only from computers that store the passkey.
Web and App Based Cloud Storage - based on Apache and OwnCloud.  Upload files from any computer with our secure web based interface.  You have the option of encrypting your data to add another layer of security.  Or, stay connected with our secure  App that installs on your computer or smart phone - it's as easy as drag and drop.

 Secure FTP (FTPS): When opening a normal FTP connection, the username and password are not encrypted during the FTP session.  Hackers eavesdropping on your network could obtain your FTP login information. Secure FTP (FTPS) provides encryption of the username, password and the entire session. This is accomplished by using the SSL/TLS protocol for channel encryption.

SSH FTP (SFTP): SFTP is an abbreviation of "SSH File Transfer Protocol."  It is not FTP over SSL. For the session, SFTP uses SSH keys for for encryption and access. It may be configured so a password and username aren't required. Instead, an encrypted SSH key is given to the client computer.  The advantage is that a hacker will never guess your username and password.